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  • Joop Westerweel


    Joop Westerweel, schoolteacher executed by the Nazis for helping Jews escape from the Netherlands.

    Joop Westerweel
  • Ona Simaite, Joop Westerweel, Irena Sendler


    Learn about the rescue activities and the fates of Ona Simaite in Lithuania, Joop Westerweel in the Netherlands, and Irena Sendler in Poland.

  • 1931 studio portrait of Abraham Moshe Muhlbaum


    Abraham and his family fled from Berlin to Amsterdam in October 1938. They found refuge in the Netherlands until January 28, 1943, when all the members of the Muhlbaum family, except Abraham, were deported to Westerbork. Abraham escaped over the rooftops during the round-up. He gradually established a new life as a member of a Dutch resistance group that included Joop Westerweel. In 1944, Abraham was arrested as a member of the resistance (his Jewish identity remained hidden). He was held…

    1931 studio portrait of Abraham Moshe Muhlbaum
  • Mirjam Waterman Pinkhof

    ID Card

    Mirjam grew up on her family's farm in Loosdrecht. Her parents, secular Jews, had moved from Amsterdam in 1914, two years before she was born. The Watermans were pacifists. Mirjam attended a progressive school in Hilversum. Her brother and youngest sister attended the Kees Boeke School, a progressive school located in Bilthoven that taught pacifist and humanistic ideals. 1933-39: In 1938 Mirjam began teaching at the Kees Boeke school. A group of German-Jewish refugees came to the school in 1939. Mirjam…

    Mirjam Waterman Pinkhof

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