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  • Lion Feuchtwanger in New York


    Author Lion Feuchtwanger in New York, November 17, 1932. Feuchtwanger's 1930 novel Erfolg (Success) provided a thinly veiled criticism of the Beer Hall Putsch and Hitler's rise to leadership in the Nazi Party. He was targeted by the Nazis. After the Nazi takeover on January 30, 1933, his house in Berlin was illegally searched and his library was plundered during his lecture tour in the United States.

    Lion Feuchtwanger in New York
  • Lion Feuchtwanger


    Lion Feuchtwanger was a bestselling German Jewish author who was persecuted under the Nazi regime. His works were burned in the Nazi book burnings of May 1933.

    Lion Feuchtwanger
  • Herta Scheer-Krygier

    ID Card

    Herta's Viennese mother and Polish-born father owned a successful men's clothing business in Munich when Herta was born. After Hitler's antisemitic Nazi party attempted to overthrow the German government in November 1923, the Jewish Scheer family moved to Vienna, where Herta's grandparents lived. 1933-39: Hiking was one of Herta's favorite activities. She belonged to the Zionist youth group called Gordonia, and at their meetings the members spoke about creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine. After the…

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    Herta Scheer-Krygier
  • Les Milles Camp


    Under the Vichy regime, the Les Milles camp held foreign Jews before emigration or, in most cases, deportation to German concentration camps and killing centers.

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    Les Milles Camp
  • The Riegner Telegram


    The Riegner telegram was a...

    The Riegner Telegram
  • Mittelbau Main Camp: In Depth


    Learn about conditions and forced labor in Dora-Mittelbau, the center of an extensive network of forced-labor camps for the production of V-2 missiles and other weapons.

    Mittelbau Main Camp: In Depth

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