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  • Sachsenhausen


    In July 1936, the SS opened the Sachsenhausen concentration camp as the principal concentration camp for the Berlin area.

  • Eisenhower and Patton discuss military operations in North Africa


    Generals Dwight D. Eisenhower and George S. Patton discuss Allied military operations in North Africa. Djebel Kouif, Algeria, March 16, 1943.

    Tags: World War II
    Eisenhower and Patton discuss military operations in North Africa
  • The Immigration of Refugee Children to the United States


    More than one thousand unaccompanied refugee children fleeing Nazi persecution arrived in the United States between 1933 and 1945. Learn more

    The Immigration of Refugee Children to the United States
  • Janusz Piotrowski

    ID Card

    Janusz was the eldest of four children born to Catholic parents in Plock, a town located in a rural area north of Warsaw. His father was an accountant. Janusz attended local schools, and became active in scouting. 1933-39: Janusz went to Warsaw to study civil engineering. On September 1, 1939, the Germans began bombing Warsaw. One week later, all able-bodied men who had not been mobilized were directed to retreat east. On September 17, Janusz was 90 miles from the Romanian border. That night, the Soviets…

    Tags: Poland Gusen
    Janusz Piotrowski
  • German Wartime Expansion


    During the first three years of World War II, from September 1939 through November 1942, a series of military victories permitted German domination of the European continent. In September 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Within weeks the Poles surrendered. The Germans annexed the former free city of Danzig and all of western Poland, including the provinces of West Prussia, Poznan, Upper Silesia, and Lodz (renamed Litzmannstadt). Central and southern Poland were organized into the Generalgouvernement…

    Tags: World War II
    German Wartime Expansion
  • Lend-Lease


    This US policy extended mat...

  • Italy


    German policies varied from country to country, including direct, brutal occupation and reliance upon collaborating regimes. Italy was a long-time ally of Nazi Germany.

    Tags: deportations
  • Hajj Amin al-Husayni: Wartime Propagandist


    Former Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husayni was an exiled political leader who sought an alliance with the Axis Powers. Learn about his wartime propaganda efforts.

  • World War II in Europe


    World War II in Europe During World War II, Germany overran much of Europe using a new tactic called the "Blitzkrieg" (lightning war). Blitzkrieg involved the massing of planes, tanks, and artillery. These forces would break through enemy defenses along a narrow front. Air power prevented the enemy from closing the breach. German forces encircled opposing troops, forcing them to surrender. Using the Blitzkrieg tactic, Germany defeated Poland (attacked in September 1939), Denmark (April 1940), Norway…

    Tags: World War II
    World War II in Europe
  • British General Bernard L. Montgomery


    General Bernard L. Montgomery, commander of British forces in Egypt, watches British tanks move toward German lines during the military campaign in North Africa. November 1942.

    British General Bernard L. Montgomery

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