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  • Mohamed Helmy


    Dr. Mohamed Helmy and Frieda Szturmann helped save a Jewish family in the heart of Nazi Germany. Helmy was the first Arab recognized as Righteous Among the Nations.

    Tags: Berlin
    Mohamed Helmy
  • Zeilsheim Displaced Persons Camp


    After WWII, many Holocaust survivors, unable to return to their homes, lived in displaced persons camps in Germany, Austria, and Italy. Read about Zeilsheim DP camp.

    Zeilsheim Displaced Persons Camp
  • Germans gather around books they regard as "un-German"


    Germans crowd around a truck filled with "un-German" books, confiscated from the library of the Institute for Sexual Science, for burning by the Nazis.  The books were publically burned at Berlin's Opernplatz (Opera Square). Berlin, Germany, May 10, 1933.

    Germans  gather around books they regard as "un-German"
  • German Railways and the Holocaust


    The European rail network played a crucial role in the implementation of the Final Solution. Millions were deported by rail to killing centers and other sites.

    German Railways and the Holocaust
  • Forced Labor


    Forced Labor In German-occupied areas, the Nazis singled out Jewish laborers for cruel treatment. Jewish laborers were also subjected to humiliating treatment, as when SS men forced religious Jews to submit to having their beards cut. The ghettos served as bases for utilizing Jewish labor, as did forced-labor camps for Jews in occupied Poland. In the Lodz ghetto, for example, the Nazis opened 96 factories. The ability to work could save one's life, but most often only temporarily. Jews deemed unproductive…

    Forced Labor
  • 1938: Key Dates


    Explore a timeline of key events in the history of Nazi Germany during 1938.

    1938: Key Dates
  • Mein Kampf


    Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf (My Struggle) is the best known and most popular Nazi text ever published with over 12 million copies sold from 1925 to 1945.

    Mein Kampf
  • Edward R. Murrow


    US radio and TV journalist Edward R. Murrow reported live from London during the Blitz; he also broadcast the first eyewitness account of the liberation of Buchenwald.

  • Stanisławów


    As the Nazis conducted the...

  • Moringen Youth Camp


    The Moringen camp was one of the so-called youth protection camps that the Nazi regime established for young people who were alleged to have strayed from Nazi norms and ideals.

    Tags: youth camps

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