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Miles Lerman describes lifelong camaraderie among partisans

Miles Lerman was a Holocaust survivor, partisan fighter in the forests of Poland, international leader in the cause of Holocaust remembrance, and a "founding father" of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


I must tell you that my sense of admiration and love, and you know, and camaraderie with these people, that whenever they have a simcha, you know whether it is a Bar Mitzvah, or a wedding, or a funeral, of people that I was in the forest with, no matter how busy I am, it gets wiped out, and I'm there. It's a special feeling. There's a special.... I have people in Vineland... you know. We are better than family. Do I have a lot in common with them? Frankly no. You understand what I am saying? But, what difference does it make? It's much more -- it's much more important, much stronger.


  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum
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