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Vladka (Fagele) Peltel Meed describes participating in activities of the Bundist underground

Vladka belonged to the Zukunft youth movement of the Bund (the Jewish Socialist party). She was active in the Warsaw ghetto underground as a member of the Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB). In December 1942, she was smuggled out to the Aryan, Polish side of Warsaw to try to obtain arms and to find hiding places for children and adults. She became an active courier for the Jewish underground and for Jews in camps, forests, and other ghettos.


One of our illegal Bundist meetings we, of the youth, they called it, and they asked also me to join it. And all kind of work was distributed, the illegal work, and I didn't have any part in anything and I was in a little bit depressed. I was singled out in the negative way, not to get anything to do. But then the leader of this particular get-together, Abrasha Blum, came over to me and told me that "you have a Polish document and you look Polish and you will go out on the Aryan side, on the Polish side, on the outside of the ghetto, the other side of the ghetto." And I was really at that moment elevated. I, I felt that after all something important is going to happen to me, and mine features are working for me. So they uh gave me a mission, and they told me that in a few weeks, somebody will look...come to your place and give you all other informations. So this was the most...the high point of mine remaining in the ghetto after the family was taken. It was not a question of being afraid. It was just the opposite. It, it was the feeling of being something which means that I can do something, it...a challenge which I, I would...I was eager to take. And this was how the underground really singled me out on the other side to be the courier. I didn't pick it by myself. I was only proud and happy to...to be chosen.


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