Nazi propaganda poster of Adolf Hitler standing before a saluting crowd. The caption reads, "Yes, Fuehrer, we are following you!"

1934 Nazi Party propaganda poster

Nazi propaganda constantly reinforced the notion that Hitler was the embodiment of the national will. Here, a determined looking Hitler in military dress stands with clenched fist, poised for action above the adoring crowd. The text on the poster says "Yes! Leader, We Follow You!" (Ja! Führer wir folgen Dir!)

This poster, designed for a 1934 public referendum on uniting the posts of German chancellor and president, conveys unanimous popular support for Hitler.

Critical Thinking Questions

What propaganda techniques and approaches seemed to be the most effective for the Nazi regime?

How do images such as this one enhance our understanding of the events of the Holocaust?

How can knowledge of the events in Germany and Europe before the Nazis came to power help citizens today respond to threats of genocide and mass atrocity in the world?


  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Galerie Prospect
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