<p><strong>October 7, 1900</strong><br /><a href="/narrative/10813/en">Heinrich Himmler</a> is born in Munich, Germany.</p>
<p><strong>Summer 1919</strong><br />Himmler graduates from high school in Landshut.</p>
<p><strong>August 1922</strong><br />Himmler receives his degree in agriculture from the Technical University in Munich.</p>
<p><strong>August 1923</strong><br />Himmler joins the Nazi Party.</p>
<p><strong>November 9, 1923</strong><br />Himmler marches in the <a href="/narrative/11449/en">Beer Hall Putsch</a> against the German government.</p>
<p><strong>1928</strong><br />Himmler marries Margarete Boden.</p>
<p><strong>January 6, 1929</strong><br />Adolf Hitler appoints Himmler <em>Reichsführer </em>SS, chief of the <a href="/narrative/10800/en">SS</a>.</p>
<p><strong>Summer 1931</strong><br />Himmler creates the Security Service (<em>Sicherheitsdienst</em>; SD) of the Nazi Party</p>
<p><strong>December 1931</strong><br />Himmler establishes the SS Race and Settlement Office, which determines eligibility for entry into the SS and establishes the SS as a so-called racial elite.</p>
<p><strong>January 1933</strong><br />The Nazis obtain <a href="/narrative/4135/en">control of the German state</a> with the appointment of <a href="/narrative/43/en">Adolf Hitler</a> as Chancellor.</p>
<p><strong>March 9, 1933</strong><br />Himmler is appointed provisional president of police in Munich.</p>
<p><strong>1933-1934</strong><br />Himmler obtains command of all state political police departments in Germany and centralizes them within the Secret State Police (the <a href="/narrative/11779/en"><em>Gestapo</em></a>).</p>
<p><strong>June 17, 1936</strong><br />Adolf Hitler appoints Himmler <em>Reichsführer </em>SS and Chief of German Police. Himmler is now commander of all German police.</p>
<p><strong>September 1, 1939</strong><br /><a href="/narrative/2103/en">Germany invades Poland</a>, starting <a href="/narrative/2388/en">World War II</a>.</p>
<p><strong>September 27, 1939</strong><br />Himmler joins the Security Police and the SD and creates the Reich Security Main Office, the agency which will be entrusted with coordinating the <a href="/narrative/2816/en">annihilation of the European Jews</a>.</p>
<p><strong>October 7, 1939</strong><br />Adolf Hitler appoints Himmler Reich Commissar for the Strengthening of German Ethnic Stock. This appointment gives Himmler leading authority to plan and implement population policy in German-occupied Poland.</p>
<p><strong>January–December 1941</strong><br />Hitler, Himmler, <a href="/narrative/10812/en">Reinhard Heydrich</a> and other top personnel reach the decision to physically annihilate the Jews of Europe</p>
<p><strong>June 22, 1941</strong><br /><a href="/narrative/2972/en">Nazi Germany invades the Soviet Union</a>. SS and police authorities supported by the military and by local auxiliaries begin to systematically shoot Soviet Jews.</p>
<p><strong>July 16, 1941</strong><br />Hitler entrusts Himmler with exclusive responsibility for security and race and settlement operations in the occupied Soviet Union, underpinning his authority to plan and implement population policies, including the physical annihilation of the European Jews.</p>
<p><strong>July 31, 1941</strong><br />Reich Marshall Hermann Göring authorizes Himmler's deputy, Heydrich, as chief of RSHA, to coordinate a “complete solution of the Jewish Question.”</p>
<p><strong>December 1941–Summer 1942</strong><br />As the elimination of Jewish communities in the Soviet Union continues, Himmler's subordinates—with his authorization—construct and put into operation five <a href="/narrative/2746/en">killing centers</a> in German-occupied Poland to annihilate the European Jews</p>
<p><strong>July 1943</strong><br />Hitler appoints Himmler Minister of the Interior.</p>
<p><strong>December 1944</strong><br />Hitler appoints Himmler commander-in-chief of Army Group Upper Rhine.</p>
<p><strong>April 28–29, 1945</strong><br />Himmler attempts to transmit an offer of surrender to the commander-in-chief of the Allied forces. When Hitler hears of the attempt, he strips Himmler of all his offices and orders his arrest.</p>
<p><strong>April 30, 1945</strong><br />Hitler commits suicide.</p>
<p><strong>May 7, 1945</strong><br />Nazi Germany signs a surrender document.</p>
<p><strong>May 20, 1945</strong><br />Russian soldiers capture Himmler and turn him over to the British.</p>
<p><strong>May 23, 1945</strong><br />Himmler commits suicide.</p>


Heinrich Himmler


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