Dress Worn by a Child in Hiding [LCID: 2015zwdn]

Dress Worn by a Child in Hiding

A child's dress embroidered with red and blue flowers with small green leaves. This dress was hand embroidered by Lola Kaufman's mother in the Czortkow ghetto. Lola (born Lea Rein) wore this dress when she went into hiding. Lola was hidden first under a bed in the house of the woman who used to deliver milk to the family, then in a dugout under a cellar of a barn where she joined three other Jews in hiding. In March 1944, the Soviets liberated the area. The hidden Jews left their hideout in the middle of the night. Eight-year-old Lola joined a crowd of refugees walking eastwards.


  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Lola and Walter Kaufman

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