Theresienstadt ration card issued to Alice Winternitz (front) [LCID: 19986f8o]

Theresienstadt ration card issued to Alice Winternitz (front)

The Nazis made Jewish leaders responsible for the distribution of food supplies and other necessities allotted to ghetto residents. Due to grossly inadequate supplies, the Juedische Selbstverwaltung Theresienstadt (Jewish Administration of Theresienstadt) issued ration cards such as this one. The columns count points allotted for various goods identified by letters of the alphabet. Boxes were removed as residents exchanged points for food or other goods. This view shows the front of the card. Issued in the Theresienstadt ghetto, Czechoslovakia, 1944.

Critical Thinking Questions

What was the context of the Holocaust and World War II when this ration card was in use?

How do documents, artifacts, and images enhance our understanding of the events of the Holocaust?

Why are artifacts, photographs, and documents like this one important historical evidence?

What questions does this document raise for you?


  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum - Collections

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