Oral History

William (Bill) Zeck describes the role of the Nuremberg trials in establishing a historical record

Before joining the US Army, Zeck—a lawyer—worked for the Board of Economic Warfare. In 1946, he was hired to work on preparations for the Nuremberg trials. In his search for documents pertaining to the I. G. Farben company's involvement in the war, Zeck also met attorney Belle Mayer, his future wife. Both Zeck and Mayer were involved in preparing the indictment in the I. G. Farben trial held at Nuremberg.



I certainly did not go to Nuremberg for the purpose of creating a history. I went to Nuremberg with the purpose of establishing certain law with respect to initiating and waging aggressive war. And I don't feel that we were successful, basically, in that respect, but we established a history and all the skinheads that can be collected on anywhere and all the naysayers have to face the history, the transcripts of the Nuremberg trials.


  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection
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