Berta and Inge Engelhard play with the pigeons in fron of the Feldherrenhalle in Munich. [LCID: 99683]

Prewar photograph of Berta and Inge Engelhard in Munich

Prewar family photograph of Berta and Inge Engelhard holding pigeons in a public square in Munich. Photograph taken in Munich, Germany, 1937.

Following increased anti-Jewish measures, Berta and brother Theo (not pictured here) left Germany on a Kindertransport in January 1939. Inge followed on a different transport a few months later. While the siblings were eventually housed together in England, they faced many challenges during the war including the pain of separation from their parents.

Parents Moshe and Rachel eventually escaped, and the family was ultimately reunited in England. 

Critical Thinking Questions

What can photographs such as this one tell us about life in Munich before World War II and the "Final Solution"?

How do images enhance our understanding of the events of the Holocaust?


  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Inge Engelhard Sadan
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