Israel C.

(English translation) INTERVIEWER: What was a Sabbath like at your house? ISRAEL C.: Sabbath was sacred. My parents were very conservative. Sabbath was as sacred as the holidays, as sacred as keeping kosher. There were separate things for meat and for milk. But none of my siblings were religious, which is curious because my father was very religious and he went to schul and was very prominent there. Fridays he went to the mikveh. Sometimes I would go with him to bathe because in my house we didn't have a bathroom, we couldn't bathe… no running water, nothing. At home we had buckets. One bucket with clean water apparently that we got out of a well. Close to my house there lived a Jew that dedicated himself to … he was a small farmer and had a small farm. And from there we would get water for our house. We didn't have bathrooms either. The bathrooms were outside.

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