Sonia S. [LCID: sp000007]

Sonia S.

(English translation) and they brought us to Stutthof. It was a huge camp where it seems they brought lots of people from all the camps and there was a huge plaza. The first thing they did is that they disrobed us and we had to get a bath to disinfect us and to bathe us. And at that time there weren't any lice because they found a way to…when one went to bathe they put all the clothes in this oven. It had such a high temperature that it killed all the lice. So when they brought us there they took all the women for a gynecological exam. They were looking for gold or things hidden in the vagina. They did it so quickly that you didn't even notice. They lay you down, searched you, and after that they put all of us in the bathroom, the showers. And on coming out of the showers… INTERVIEWER: Who did the exam? SONIA S.: The Germans, the doctors. INTERVIEWER: Men? Doctors?
SONIA S.: Men, to young girls, older women. Well, there weren't that many young girls anymore… INTERVIEWER: And they examined you and your mother. SONIA S.: Yes, yes, the exam. And sometimes there were people that had stuff, and in general when people got to the camp … you had to leave all your clothes, all your suitcases. In that camp they took everything we had. And on coming out of the bathroom they took us outside to the street and in the patio there was a pile of clothes and each one quickly - everything was done quickly, pushing and shoving - we had to get clothes. Well I found myself a long skirt that was very narrow. Another [woman] that was maybe smaller might find clothes that were too big. I don't even think there were bras. I also found a pair of good boots that fit me well, that later came in really handy.

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