Sonia S. [LCID: sp000010]

Sonia S.

(English translation) I also forgot to tell you that a few days after arriving at the camp they cut all our hair off, the hair of all the women. We had no hair left. Well, because we worked with fabric, with the clothes, we found a few pieces of material. We made some coverings for our heads and were able to cover up a bit. They were all things to humiliate us and to make our lives more difficult, to exterminate us

La transcripción completa

A parte me olvidé decirle que pasando unos días cuando llegamos a ese campo nos cortaron todas las chicas el pelo, todas las mujeres. Quedo a cero. Bueno como trabajaban con telas, con la ropa, nos encontramos unos pedazos de tela. Nos hacíamos unas…unos modelos en la cabeza y así nos tapamos un poco. Todo eran cosas para denigrarnos y para hacernos la vida más difícil, para exterminarnos.

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