Sonia S. [LCID: sp000006]

Sonia S.

(English translation) …we also worked in the woods to cut down trees. At that time the saws were manual. Two people would get together and saw and cut down the tree. There were accidents because the tree instead of going here would fall over there, sometimes falling on someone. Well, honestly I was a good worker. No one complained. Everyone wanted to work with me because I would work. I didn't like…when I had to saw I would saw, when I had to dig I would dig. Because we had to finish that work and on time too. Well, there we had a warehouse where we put our clothes. We still had our clothes. And we sang songs because there were many people who composed songs about the ghetto, about the life that we were forced to lead, about hope. When we returned [to camp] in fives we would sing… INTERVIEWER: Do you remember any of these songs? SONIA S.: I have some songs written down. That a time will come, that we are going to survive and will be free again. And we always sang with hope. And also with nostalgia… for example there was a song that said "the same town, the same bus, the same streets, but I am not the same, I don't have the same rights and"… very nice songs.

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