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  • Lublin ghetto


    Residents of the Lublin ghetto. Poland, 1941-1942. (Source record ID: E9 NW 33/IV)

    Lublin ghetto
  • Jewish women at forced labor


    Jewish women deported from Bremen, Germany, are forced to dig a trench at the train station. Minsk, Soviet Union, 1941. (Source record ID: E9 NW 33/IV/2)

    Jewish women at forced labor
  • Plight of Jewish Children


    During the Holocaust, some children went into hiding to escape Nazi persecution. They faced constant fear, dilemmas, and danger.

    Plight of Jewish Children
  • The 84th Infantry Division during World War II


    The 84th Infantry Division participated in major WWII campaigns and is recognized for liberating two Neuengamme subcamps, Hannover-Ahlem and Salzwedel, in 1945.

  • Alfred (Fredl) Krakauer

    ID Card

    Alfred was the fifth of six children born to Jewish parents in a small town in Moravia, where his father ran a dry-goods and clothing store. The Krakauers spoke both Czech and German at home. In 1929 and 1930, after graduating from secondary school, Alfred served in the Czechoslovakian army. He enjoyed skiing and also played soccer for the Maccabi Jewish team. 1933-39: Alfred graduated in 1934 from Prague's Industrial School for Art. He became a graphic artist and decided to remain in Prague because of…

    Alfred (Fredl) Krakauer
  • Channah Mazansky-Zaidel

    ID Card

    Channah was one of six children born to a Jewish family. In 1914, a year after her father died, the family fled during World War I to Russia. After the war they returned to Lithuania and settled in the village of Pampenai in a house owned by Channah's grandparents. When Channah's three oldest siblings moved to South Africa in the 1920s, Channah helped support the family by sewing. 1933-39: Channah was working as a seamstress in Pampenai when, in the mid 1930s, she met and married Channoch Zaidel. The…

    Channah Mazansky-Zaidel
  • 1945: Key Dates


    Explore a timeline of key events during 1945 in the history of Nazi Germany, World War II, the Holocaust, and liberation and the aftermath of the Holocaust.

    Tags: key dates
    1945: Key Dates
  • History of the Jewish Community in Kalisz: 12th Century to World War I


    One of the oldest cities in Poland, Kalisz played a pivotal role in Polish Jewish history. Learn about the Jewish Community in Kalisz from the 12th Century to WWI.

  • Börgermoor Camp


    Börgermoor was part of the Nazi regime’s early system of concentration camps. It was located in the Emsland region of Prussia.

  • Chaim Werzbe

    ID Card

    Chaim was raised in a Yiddish-speaking, religious Jewish family in Sokolow Podlaski, a manufacturing town in central Poland with a large Jewish community of about 5,000. The economic activities of most of the townspeople were closely tied to those of nearby Warsaw and surrounding farming communities. As a young man, Chaim liked to play chess and was active in a local Zionist organization. 1933-39: Chaim made a living in the grain business. After settling down, he married a widow who was older than he and…

    Chaim Werzbe

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