<p>Teenager Simon Jeruchim learned of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France (<a href="/narrative/2899">D-Day</a>) on a shortwave radio. He painted a watercolor depiction of the bombing and burning of a town situated on a river. He titled the piece "Memory of June 6, 1944."</p>
<p>Simon Jeruchim was born in Paris in 1929 to Samuel and Sonia (née Szpiro), Jewish émigrés from Poland. In July 1942, Simon’s parents were able to find <a href="/narrative/7711">hiding places</a> for him and his siblings, but they were arrested and deported to <a href="/narrative/3673">Auschwitz</a> before they could themselves go into hiding. Simon spent almost two years in Normandy. There, a schoolmaster gave him a gift consisting of watercolors and a sketchpad. Simon used them to depict various aspects of his life in Normandy</p>



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