Album page [LCID: 20047z36]

Beifeld album page about partisans and lodgings

(top) "Watercolor entitled 'Partisan hotel and public house', Krassnolipia, Ukraine, until July 31, 1942"; (middle) "Drawing entitled 'The interrogation of partisans captured by our unit'"; (bottom) "Watercolor entitled 'My lodgings in Krassnolipia'" [Photograph #58040]

Critical Thinking Questions

What was the context of the Holocaust and World War II when Beifeld created the illustrations that were later assembled into the album?

What questions does this album raise for you?

What other source materials might be helpful to provide more historical context for this album? What aspects of the history might these other source materials help reveal?


  • Courtesy of the estate of George Byfield
  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum

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