Diagram of the “Gypsy camp” in Hodonín u Kunštátu

Diagram of the “Gypsy camp” in Hodonín u Kunštátu

Diagram of the Hodonín u Kunštátu (Hodonin bei Kunstadt) camp in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic). Before it was converted into a Zigeunerlager (“Gypsy camp”) in 1942, it served as a penal labor camp. 

Translation of key:

Scale 1:500

  1. Sleeping quarters
  2. Sleeping quarters
  3. Mess-hall
  4. Infirmary
  5. Offices, prison
  6. Living quarters for guard staff
  7. Economic/Agricultural Building
  8. Latrine
  9. Well
  10. Mess-hall for guard staff
  11. Pens for guard dogs


  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Museum of Romani Culture

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