Listing of Jews for deportation to Riga, Latvia [LCID: 2015gq8x]

Listing of Jews for deportation to Riga, Latvia

The SS compiled lists of Jews who were to be deported to ghettos, concentration camps, and killing centers. This document provides the names, birthdates, marital status, and addresses of Jews who were “evacuated” on November 20, 1941 from Germany to the Riga ghetto in German-occupied Latvia.

Critical Thinking Questions

What was the context of the Holocaust and World War II when this document was created?

How do documents, artifacts, and images enhance our understanding of the events of the Holocaust?

What questions does this document raise for you?

What other source materials might be helpful to provide more historical context for this photograph? What aspects of the history might these other source materials help reveal?


  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Beno Helmer

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