Defendant Hermann Göring listens to trial testimony

Defendant Hermann Göring, seated at left in the dock, listens as US Chief Prosecutor Robert Jackson interrogates witness Albert Kesselring about the Luftwaffe (German Air Force).


Q. You had an adequate air force after having defeated Poland, defeated Holland, defeated Belgium, and defeated France, so that you advocated proceeding with an invasion of England, did you not? A. I must give an explanation on that point. Q. First tell me if that is true. THE PRESIDENT: Witness, will you please understand that you must answer the question first, and give an explanation afterwards. Every question, or nearly every question, admits of either an affirmative or negative answer, and you will kindly give that answer and make your explanation afterwards. BY MR. JUSTICE JACKSON: Q. Did you not advocate the invasion of England, and was not the Air Force ready to invade England? A. The Air Force was, subject to certain conditions, in view of the existing air situation at that time, ready to fulfill that task.


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