The case against defendant Hans Frank

Lieutenant Colonel Baldwin of the US prosecution team presents the case against defendant Hans Frank at the Nuremberg trial. Baldwin refers to several of Frank's diary entries about the appropriation of scarce Polish grain for use as food in Germany.


I quote the following extract: "Before the German people"—Frank says—"are to experience starvation, the Occupied Territories and their people shall be exposed to starvation. In this moment, therefore, we here in the Government General, must also have the iron determination to help the Great German people, our Fatherland. The Government General, therefore, must do the following: The Government General has taken on the obligation to send 500,000 tons of bread grain to the Fatherland in addition to the foodstuffs already being delivered for the relief of Germany or consumed here by troops of the Armed Forces, Police or SS.
The new demand will be fulfilled exclusively at the expense of the foreign population. It must be done cold- bloodedly and without pity...."


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