Trial testimony against Albert Speer

Francois Boix, a concentration camp survivor, testifies about Albert Speer's visit to the Mauthausen concentration camp. Boix identifies Speer by pointing to him in the defendants' dock.


Does the witness recognise among the defendants anyone who visited the camp of Mauthausen? A. Herr Speer. Q. When did you see him? A. He came to the Gusen camp in 1943 to arrange for some constructions, and also to the quarry at Mauthausen. I did not see him myself as I was in the identification service of the camp and could not leave, but during these visits Paul Ricker, head of the identification department, took a roll of film with his Leica which I developed. On this film I recognised Speer and with him other leaders of the SS. Speer wore a light-coloured suit.


  • National Archives - Film
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