Sonia S. [LCID: sp000011]

Sonia S.

(English translation) We decided because we had been in Italy almost two years and because the state of Israel wasn't … the state of Israel hadn't been born yet so to speak and we couldn't go. The English … they would let fewer and fewer Jews immigrate and because my father had here … one gets tired, we'd already been there for two years. We lost so many years because of the war. One wants to start a new life, to start to work. Because without working it also isn't a very comfortable way to live. Even though in each of the camps in Italy we worked doing something. But we each had the hope of starting our lives, of starting to study, of starting to live a free life, not to be … in those camps we didn't live badly. They fed us, we lived freely, we had fun, we went to dances and all, but we wanted a new life. And my father had a brother and a sister here in Cordoba, so he got in touch with them and they started the process so we could come to Argentina.

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