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  • Mira Shelub


    Read the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation's short biography of Mira Shelub.

    Mira Shelub
  • Morris Hillquit


    Morris Hillquit was a prominent theoretician of the socialist movement in the United States. His work was burned in the Nazi book burnings of 1933. Learn more.

    Morris Hillquit
  • Lindenfels Displaced Persons Camp


    After WWII, many Holocaust survivors, unable to return to their homes, lived in displaced persons camps in Germany, Austria, and Italy. Read about Lindenfels DP camp.

    Lindenfels Displaced Persons Camp
  • Wagner-Rogers Bill

    Timeline Event

    February 9, 1939. On this date, the Wagner-Rogers bill was introduced, ultimately unsuccessfully, to permit the entry of 20,000 European refugee children into the United States.

    Wagner-Rogers Bill
  • Chuna Grynbaum: Maps

    Media Essay

    Chuna Grynbaum was born to Jewish parents in Starachowice, Poland in 1928. When he was 13 years old, Chuna was sent to forced labor at a munitions factory. In 1943, he attempted to escape with his sister, Faiga. Faiga...

  • Aron and Lisa Derman: Oral History Excerpts

    Media Essay

    In 1942, Aron Derman and Lisa Nussbaum escaped deportation from the Grodno ghetto with the help of Tadek Soroka, a non-Jewish Pole. Aron and Lisa—aged 19 and 15—joined the armed Jewish resistance. As partisans, they f...

  • Einsatzgruppen massacres in eastern Europe (enlargement)


    Einsatzgruppen were German special duty units, composed primarily of SS and police personnel, assigned to kill Jews as part of the Nazi program to kill the Jews of Europe. During the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, the mobile killing squads followed the German army as it advanced deep into Soviet territory, and carried out mass-murder operations. Wherever the Einsatzgruppen went they shot Jewish men, women, and children, without regard for age or gender. Einsatzgruppen killed more than a…

    Einsatzgruppen massacres in eastern Europe (enlargement)
  • Jewish parachutist Hannah Szenes with her brother


    Jewish parachutist Hannah Szenes with her brother, before leaving for a rescue mission. Palestine, March 1944. Between 1943 and 1945, a group of Jewish men and women from Palestine who had volunteered to join the British army parachuted into German-occupied Europe. Their mission was to organize resistance to the Germans and aid in the rescue of Allied personnel. Hannah Szenes was among these volunteers.  Szenes was captured in German-occupied Hungary and executed in Budapest on November 7,…

    Jewish parachutist Hannah Szenes with her brother
  • Norman Salsitz's wife and daughter


    Norman's daughter, Esther, at three weeks of age, with her mother, Amalie. September 1956. With the end of World War II and collapse of the Nazi regime, survivors of the Holocaust faced the daunting task of rebuilding their lives. With little in the way of financial resources and few, if any, surviving family members, most eventually emigrated from Europe to start their lives again. Between 1945 and 1952, more than 80,000 Holocaust survivors immigrated to the United States. Norman was one of them.

    Norman Salsitz's wife and daughter
  • Theresienstadt: Other Prisoners


    Learn more about the fate of Jewish prisoners that were deported to Theresienstadt from places other than the Greater German Reich or the Protectorate.

    Theresienstadt: Other Prisoners

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