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  • Georg Grosz


    Georg Grosz was a German artist of the Dada movement. His books, which had many of his best-known plates, were burned in Nazi Germany in 1933. Learn more.

    Georg Grosz
  • H.G. Wells


    H.G. Wells was an author best known for science fiction titles. The Nazis objected to "The Outline of History," a non-fiction work, which was burned in 1933.

  • Heinrich Mann


    Heinrich Mann was an author and early target of the Nazis for his political views. His writings were among those burned under the Nazi regime in 1933. Learn more.

    Heinrich Mann
  • Bertolt Brecht


    Bertolt Brecht was a leading German dramatist, well known for his political films and plays. His works were burned during the Nazi book burnings of 1933. Learn more.

    Bertolt Brecht
  • Ernst Toller


    Ernst Toller was one of the best-known German dramatists of the 1920s. He wrote against Nazism, and was among those whose works were burned under the Nazi regime.

    Ernst Toller
  • Stefan Zweig


    Stefan Zweig was a prolific author and one of the most popular writers of the interwar period. His work was burned in Nazi Germany in 1933. Learn more.

  • Georg Bernhard


    Georg Bernhard was a prominent financial columnist. The Nazis declared that German journalism must be "cleansed" of Jews. Bernhard’s work was burned in 1933.

    Georg Bernhard
  • Holocaust Denial: Key Dates


    Browse a timeline listing some key events in the evolution of Holocaust denial and the distortion of the facts of the Holocaust.

  • Henri Barbusse


    Henri Barbusse was a French author who wrote pacifist and socialist works. In 1933, his writings were burned under the Nazi regime. Learn more.

  • Rosa Luxemburg


    Rosa Luxemburg was a Marxist and a leader of the radical wing of the German Social Democratic Party. Her work was burned in Nazi Germany in 1933. Learn more.

    Rosa Luxemburg

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