<p>Eva Ostwalt was born in Cologne, Germany, to Jewish parents. She had two younger sisters, Kate and Trude. In 1927, Eva moved with her daughter, Heidemarie, and non-Jewish husband to Dresden. Eva and Karl later divorced, and Eva received custody of Heidemarie. Mother and daughter moved to Merano, <a href="/narrative/5174/en">Italy</a>. When Eva’s passport expired in 1938, she had to return to Germany. Believing that Heidemarie would be safer with her father, Eva gave custody back to Karl in Dresden. Eva returned to Cologne, where both she and her mother Else were eventually caught by the <a href="/narrative/10800/en">SS</a>. Else was sent to <a href="/narrative/3673/en">Auschwitz</a>, where she was killed. Eva was sent to <a href="/narrative/4015/en">Ravensbrück</a> in 1943.</p>
<p>Near the end of the <a href="/narrative/2388/en">war</a>, she was forced on a <a href="/narrative/2931/en">death march</a>, from which she escaped. Eva eventually returned to Dresden to find her daughter. She arrived to find the town in ruin from air raids, and learned that Heidemarie had died from the attacks.</p>
<p>This page comes from a <a href="/narrative/58867/en">cookbook</a> Eva created while imprisoned in Ravensbrück.</p>


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