Page 2 of passport issued to Setty Sondheimer [LCID: 2000dc02]

Page 2 of passport issued to Setty Sondheimer

Setty and Moritz Sondheimer and their two children fled Nazi Germany for Kovno, Lithuania, in 1934. There, Moritz opened a small factory manufacturing buttons and combs.

This image shows page 2, containing an identification photograph, of a passport issued to Setty Sondheimer by the German Consulate in Kovno on January 29, 1938. With aid from Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara in obtaining Japanese transit visas, Setty and her family emigrated from Kovno in February 1941. [From the USHMM special exhibition Flight and Rescue.]

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Use the Museum's website and Collections to learn more about the Sondheimer family and their search for refuge.


  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum - Collections
  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hanni Sondheimer Vogelweid
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