Hitler thanks members of the SA and SS

In this German newsreel footage, Hitler addresses members of the SA and the SS in the Sportpalast, a sports arena in Berlin, Germany. He thanks them for their support and sacrifice during the Nazi struggle for power.


[Hitler enters and salutes the SA and SS.] The great time is now dawning, Germany has now awakened. We have won power in Germany, now it is up to us to win over the German people. I know of the hundreds of thousands of you who are listening to me now all over Germany, and the hundreds of thousands of you who in this past year sometimes asked: how much longer? I know, my comrades, it must often have been difficult for you, when you thought a change would have to come, and it didn't come, and again and again the call went out to you: the struggle must continue, it's not going right, you cannot act on your own, you have to obey, you have to submit, you have to yield to this tremendous pressure. So I want to thank you for not having faltered, for not having abandoned me during that time, for all this is thanks to you alone, if you had gone at that time, Germany would never have been saved! (Sieg Heil shouts.)


  • Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv

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