Beginning of the burning of the village of Um Zeifa in Darfur after the Janjaweed looted and attacked. [LCID: steidle8]

在苏丹简加韦得(Janjaweed)民兵掠夺并袭击了乌姆蔡法(Um Zeifa)村后,大火正吞噬着村舍。

在苏丹简加韦得(Janjaweed)民兵掠夺并袭击了乌姆蔡法(Um Zeifa)村后,大火正吞噬着村舍。照片由布赖恩•斯泰德尔(Brian Steidle)拍摄。

  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Brian Steidle

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