<p>Magdalena Kusserow, incarcerated in a special barracks for <a href="/narrative/5070/en">Jehovah's Witnesses</a> in the <a href="/narrative/4015/en">Ravensbrück</a> concentration camp, used stationery provided to prisoners to write a letter to her sister Annemarie in April 1942. The handwritten numbers in the block in the upper right identify Magdalena as prisoner 9591, assigned to block 17a. Magdalena wrote to her sister in part (translated from German): "Dear Annemarie. Received your letter of March 15, did you get mine? I'm fine. How did it go with Wolfgang's 2nd appointment on March 24? [words blotted out by German censor] .... How are you and why did you quit your job? Are you still not well? Greetings to Lanchen." In 1945, Magdalena and her mother were sent on a death march and were eventually liberated by Soviet forces.</p>


Jehovah's Witnesses

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