<p>Members of the orchestra at the Janowska concentration camp perform while standing in a circle around the conductor in the <em>Appelplatz</em> [roll call area]. Pictured at the right, in the light uniform, is camp commandant Warzok Franz.</p>
<p>The Janowska orchestra included some of the leading Jewish musicians in Lvov, among them violinist Leonid Stricks and cellist Leon Eber. The SS forced the orchestra to perform during selections and actions and even "commissioned" a special composition to be played on these occasions. Entitled "Todestango" [Tango of Death], the piece was composed by a former director of the Lvov opera. The music was based on an earlier work by Eduardo Bianco.</p>
<p>In 1943, the members of the orchestra were shot to death by their overseers while playing their instruments.</p>