Public humiliation: "I am a defiler of the race." In this photograph, a young man who allegedly had illicit relations with a Jewish ... [LCID: 79267]

Public humiliation for alleged "race defilement"

This photograph shows Julius Wolff, a young Jewish man, and Christine Neemann, his non-Jewish fiancé, standing between two police officers in Norden, Germany. Local SA men had accosted the couple and led them through the streets. The parade was meant to mock and humiliate the couple. Wolff wears a sign that reads: "I am a race defiler" ("Ich bin ein Rasseschänder"). Other photographs of this event show, and Neemann's testimony confirms, that Neemann was also forced to wear a sign. Neemann and Wolff were temporarily imprisoned in concentration camps, but were eventually released. Wolff immigrated to the United States in 1938. Norden, Germany, July 1935.


  • Niedersachsisches Archiv -Aurich Staatsarchiv

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