Prewar photograph of Kitty Weichherz. This photo was taken from a diary of Kitty's life written by her father, Bela Weichherz (after ... [LCID: 61070]

Photograph of Kitty Weichherz taken before World War II

Kitty Weichherz, pictured here in a photograph taken before World War II began, was born in December 1929. This photo was taken from a diary of Kitty's life written by her father, Bela Weichherz. After Kitty's birth, Bela started to keep a diary of his daughter's life. He made entries recording her childhood in Czechoslovakia until the family was separated and deported during the Holocaust. His last entry reads "I only wish that we can go together." Kitty and all of her immediate family perished in the Holocaust. Bela's two diaries were hidden during the Holocaust and recovered after the war.

Photograph taken in Czechoslovakia, between 1934 and 1937.

Critical Thinking Questions

What can photographs such as this one tell us about life before the Holocaust and World War II?

Why are photographs like this one important historical evidence?

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  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Judith Landshut
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