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  • The Destruction of the German Garrison in Lenin


    After the German occupation of Lenin, there was a garrison established. Learn about the partisan attack and subsequent destruction.

  • Anna Seghers


    Anna Seghers was an influential, antifascist author. Her novel, in which she spoke out against social injustice, was burned in Nazi Germany in 1933. Learn more.

  • The Netherlands


    Learn more about the Netherlands during the Holocaust and the fate of Dutch Jews after the 1940 German invasion.

    The Netherlands
  • 1943: Key Dates


    Explore a timeline of key events during 1943 in the history of Nazi Germany, World War II, and the Holocaust.

    Tags: key dates
    1943: Key Dates
  • Mannschafts-Stammlager (Stalag) IX B


    In 1939, the Nazis established the Mannschafts-Stammlager (Stalag) IX B camp in Germany. Learn more about the camp’s history, prisoners, and liberation.

  • Page 5 of passport issued to Setty Sondheimer


    Page 5 of a passport issued to Setty Sondheimer by the German Consulate in Kovno on January 29, 1938. This page contains three visas: (1) visa for Kovno valid from August 27, 1940, until December 31, 1940 (2) a second visa for Kovno valid until June 30, 1941, and (3) first visa for Yokohama, Japan, valid from June 7, 1941, until June 30, 1942. Unable to emigrate from Japan, Setty remained there until she was able to emigrate to the United States in 1947. [From the USHMM special exhibition Flight and…

    Page 5 of passport issued to Setty Sondheimer
  • Page from volume 3 of a set of scrapbooks documenting the German occupation of Denmark


    Page from volume 3 of a set of scrapbooks compiled by Bjorn Sibbern, a Danish policeman and resistance member, documenting the German occupation of Denmark. Bjorn's wife Tove was also active in the Danish resistance. After World War II, Bjorn and Tove moved to Canada and later settled in California, where Bjorn compiled five scrapbooks dedicated to the Sibbern's daughter, Lisa. The books are fully annotated in English and contain photographs, documents and three-dimensional artifacts documenting all…

    Page from volume 3 of a set of scrapbooks documenting the German occupation of Denmark
  • Auschwitz I camp, 1944


    Selected Features 1. Camp Commandant's House 2. Main Guard House 3. Camp Administrative Office 4. Gestapo 5. Reception Building/Prisoner Registration 6. Kitchen 7. Gas Chamber and Crematorium 8. Storage Buildings and Workshops 9. Storage of Confiscated Belongings 10. Gravel Pit: Execution Site 11. Camp Orchestra Site 12. "Black Wall" Execution Site 13. Block 11: Punishment Bunker 14. Block 10: Medical Experiments 15. Gallows 16. Block Commander's Barracks 17. SS Hospital

    Auschwitz I camp, 1944
  • Sachsenhausen: Key Dates


    Key dates in the history of the Sachsenhausen camp in the Nazi camp system, from its establishment in 1936 to the postwar trial of camp staff in 1947.

    Sachsenhausen: Key Dates
  • Father Jacques


    Father Jacques (Lucien Bunel) provided refuge to Jews and others at a school in Avon, France. Imprisoned in several Nazi camps for his activities, he died soon after liberation.

    Father Jacques

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