Düppel Center, the largest displaced persons (DP) camp in the American zone of occupation in Berlin, was established by the US Army in January 1946. The camp provided wooden huts and barracks for the refugees. By September 1946, Düppel Center sheltered 5,130 Jewish DPs, many of whom had fled post-war violence in Poland.

School Report Card Issued in a DP CampEducational opportunities at the camp included an elementary school with 385 students as of December 1947, as well as a kindergarten and religious schools. Düppel Center published a Yiddish language newspaper, Undser Lebn (Our Life), supported a theatre group, “Baderech” (On the Way), and had a synagogue. DPs at Düppel formed a sports club and benefitted from employment opportunities in the neighboring urban area.

Unfortunately, as a result of the Berlin Blockade, the residents of Düppel Center were abruptly evacuated from the region in July 1948. An American airlift carried Düppel DPs to Frankfurt am Main, and the camp was closed.