US condemnation of Kristallnacht

On November 9, 1938, the Nazis led a nationwide pogrom against Jews. During the pogrom, known as "Kristallnacht" (the "Night of Broken Glass"), bands of Storm Troopers (SA) destroyed thousands of Jewish-owned businesses and hundreds of synagogues. Almost 100 Jews were killed in the process. This footage shows scenes from a protest rally in New York City. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise voiced the outrage of the American Jewish community. As part of an official protest by the United States government against the violence, President Franklin D. Roosevelt recalled America's ambassador from Germany.


The American people led the worldwide protest against the Nazi pogrom. Anti-Hitler demonstrations have taken place all over the country. Jewish protest in this genuinely democratic nation was voiced by Chief Rabbi Wise: "American Jews are resolved, together with all other racial and religious groups in American life, to safeguard the equal rights of Jews, at home and abroad." Washington lined up with the people. Summoning his cabinet on learning of the Hitler pogrom, President Roosevelt took an unparalleled step. He recalled the American ambassador from Germany. So, from the United States embassy, full evidence of the atrocities is being taken by ambassador Hugh Wilson to his president. Hitler retaliated by recalling his minister from Washington.


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