Julius Streicher

Julius Streicher, Nazi leader and publisher of the antisemitic newspaper "Der Stuermer" (The Attacker), makes a speech accusing Jews of trying to control the world and living by the exploitation of non-Jews. According to Streicher, the only answer for Germany is to solve the "Jewish question."


The German people are reproached for having created antisemitism, the fight against the Jews, and are accused therefore of being a barbaric people. Anyone who says this is not telling the truth. As early as thousands of years ago, non-Jewish people were forced to defend themselves against Jewish intruders. If this struggle has not yet ended, the blame belongs to the Jewish people, who live by exploiting non-Jews and let it be proclaimed that they have been chosen to be master of the world. Peace among peoples will only be possible in this world when those who benefit from war are no longer able to incite the peoples of the earth to make war against each other, when blessed is he who knows that without a solution to the Jewish question there is no solution for mankind.


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