Nuremberg Trial: Göring testifies

Hermann Göring was head of the German air force. He was one of 22 major war criminals tried by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. Here, Göring testifies about his order of July 31, 1941, authorizing Reinhard Heydrich, head of the Reich Security Main Office, to plan a so-called "solution to the Jewish question in Europe." The Tribunal found Göring guilty on all counts and sentenced him to death. Göring committed suicide shortly before his execution was to take place.


"No, that is in no way correct." "All right, give us your translation." "...the task assigned to you already in the decree of January 24, 1939, to solve the Jewish question in the form of emigration or evacuation, the most favorable solution possible in the time allotted, I hereby empower you to make an overall plan of the organizational, functional, and material measures to be taken in preparing for the implementation--and now we come to the decisive word, which has been falsely translated--it states here, namely, for a complete solution, not for a final solution, for a complete solution of the Jewish question in the entire German sphere of influence in Europe." "This matter itself was directed to the chief of the Security Police and the Security Service and SS Gruppenfuehrer [General] Heydrich, we're right about that aren't we?" "That is correct."


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